Greater transparency

We all want to do our part to take care of our planet, just as it takes care of us. As a brand, we believe we have a responsibility to help you – our customers – take some steps toward this. It starts with being more transparent about how we manufacture Wise Wolf wines.

Here’s what goes into our bottles.


For our Wise Wolf wines, we have chosen to source wine close to the countries we intend to sell in, in this case it’s France for European markets; to ensure we have less ‘wine miles’. Our beautiful, wildly crafted 100% recycled glass bottle saves on CO₂ emissions and requires less furnace energy to make than if it were made from virgin raw material.

Because we’re using a high % of recycled glass content it means the bottle has to be heavier (in order to preserve the integrity of the recycled glass). For this reason, where we can, we have made conscious choices to scale back other elements of the packaging. This includes reducing the glass bottle height by opting for a shorter neck; which in turn reduced our glass and cardboard consumption. Using the shorter bottle also means we benefit from a more efficient stacking on our transport pallets; allowing 20% more wine on each UK pallet. These space savings help in reducing Wise Wolf’s transport-related CO₂ emissions.

We have intentionally sourced packaging materials that can be recycled at the majority of kerbside locations in the UK/Europe. Everything we use is recyclable again, but in relation to the plastic cap, this will depend on the infrastructure of local councils, so please check locally.

Our wines are packed by Encirc at The Park which is a world-class packaging facility that has been awarded UK Sustainable Manufacturer of the year in 2010, 2019, 2020 and 2021 and is operating with a zero waste to landfill policy and using 100% renewable electricity, with approximately 50% of this energy supplied from a 2.5MW on-site wind turbine.


We’re on a journey with our packaging. It’s not perfect yet, but we never settle and we’re always trying to do better. The following elements are not made from recycled material. Read on to learn more about what we’re still working through.

Our bottle is made using 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) glass cullet but we need to use silicone dioxide as a binding agent and this is unavoidable in turning recycled glass into bottles.

The glue used for the labels and boxes is a water-based adhesive.

The food contact liner in our screwcap is saranex, this is a polylaminated virgin plastic material specifically engineered to ensure wine quality that is widely used in the industry. Unfortunately, a version created from recycled materials has not yet been developed to existing safety, quality and hygiene standards; as technology advances, we hope to change this in the future.